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Published on Oct 25, 2023 by Pete Mankins Team

Keeping your Nissan in great shape requires regular servicing and maintenance. Over time parts will fail, fluids can leak, and other problems can develop. As your Nissan dealership in Texarkana, TX, we have a wide range of services to keep your Nissan operating at peak performance. These are just a few of the services we have available for you.


Your braking system uses a combination of hydraulic and mechanical power to bring your car to a stop when you need it to. This system consists of numerous parts, from the brake calipers to the brake master cylinder. Each of the see components must work efficiently to be able to control your speed at any time.

When we service your brake, our experts examine all the components in the system for signs of wear or damage. We check the thickness of the brake pads, test the quality and consistency of the brake fluid, and ensure that all parts of the system are damaged and rust-free. If we detect a problem, we’ll inform you immediately, and we can repair it for you. Once your brakes have been serviced, you’ll know you can control your speed.


A dead battery is a major problem for any driver. A car battery has a limited life of three to five years, and it can fail sooner due to environmental factors or damage. Generally, a battery gradually wears down as the breakdown of the chemicals inside it makes it more and more difficult to store and supply electricity.

We recommend a battery test when your battery is three years old and follow up with annual checks. During the test, we remove your battery and connect it to our battery tester. This machine subjects your battery to a series of tests to ascertain its strengths and weaknesses. If your battery is in good condition, you’ll have the confidence of knowing that. If your battery is failing, we can replace it for you.


Oil is continually pumped through your engine, lubricates engine components, reduces rust and potential blockages, and helps to cool hot components. At the end of each cycle, the oil passes through the filter, which traps any debris accumulated inside the oil. As time passes, the oil gradually becomes more sluggish and loses its special abilities.

During an oil change, we test the quality of your oil to identify any possible problems in your engine. If a problem is discovered, we can repair it for you. We then drain the oil and replace it with fresh, new oil. We also remove and replace the oil filter.

We have many other services available for your Nissan. Contact our service department today at Pete Mankins Nissan.

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